Uber Mayor iPhone FAQs

Qs. How can I search for nearby Foursquare places more often than once in 24 hours?

Upgrade to remove the limit on searching for nearby foursquare places and to enable many other features including

  • Access Foursquare places from your Foursquare history with ‘Mayorship Strength’ applied
  • Check other Foursquare users Mayorships to see which are ripe for stealing!
  • Found a Foursquare place nearby that you may want to become Mayor of? Get directions to it via Maps
  • Remove all limits on viewing details of Foursquare places
  • Do Foursquare Check-ins from within the Uber Mayor app
  • Send friend requests
  • View Foursquare specials
  • Remove all ads
  • Customize your check-in shout message

Qs. What does this icon mean?

  • To view and compare the Mayorship Strength of various foursquare places an upgrade is required. Upgrade to unlock all the many fantastic features of Uber Mayor

Qs. How do I upgrade?

  • Simply select ‘Upgrade’ from the home screen or ‘In App Purchase Options’ from the Settings screen.

Qs. Can I change the Foursquare account that I registered with?

Yes! Just follow these steps

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down the screen to the Foursquare section.
  2. Click the link ‘Sign out of Foursquare account’.
  3. The next time you click the Foursquare icon on the home screen you will be prompted to enter your new foursquare credentials.

Qs. How can I customize my Foursquare shout message?

  • Go to Settings by clicking the Settings icon at the top right of the home screen
  • Click “Foursquare Shout Message” to customize your shout message

Qs. I got a ‘Foursquare quote limit reached’ message – what does that mean?

  • Unfortunately, Foursquare has limits on the number of requests that can be made within 1 hour per user account (view official Foursquare info here). If you encounter this message please wait 10 to 15 minutes before trying again

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