Uber Mayor for Foursquare App

The Ultimate App for Foursquare Mayors! Rich Mayorship Analytics at your fingertips…

Uber Mayor - Visual Candy Systems

Use Uber Mayor to determine which foursquare venues are ripe for a new Mayor or will take a serious foursquare check-in fight for the Mayorship crown! Plot which locations you want to be Mayor of…

Features include:

  • Search nearby foursquare venues and get detailed foursquare analytics including the current Mayor and their Mayorship strength
  • Analyze your own Mayorships and see the venues in which your mayorship hold is strong or weak.
  • Sort search results alphabetically, by weakest Mayorships, or your highest check-ins. We find sorting by weakest Mayorships to be very useful!!!

  • Look at your past foursquare check-in places and see the same rich Mayorship analytics.
  • Get detailed information of the Mayor of a venue including:
    • How much of a foursquare player they are and how often they check in
    • Other venues that they are Mayor of
    • Add them as a friend
  • Tight integration with our Uber Checkin app. Do you like the venue? Add it to our highly regarded auto checkin tool Uber Checkin so you never miss a check-in opportunity. Every daily check-in counts in the Mayorship race!
  • Check-in to foursquare directly from Uber Mayor – Customizing the shout message is available on upgrade
  • Uber Mayor is free!  All ads are removed upon upgrade.

Compatible with iOS 5.0 and above

Foursquare account required

No other registration required

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