Getting Started with LIFTTT – Android


  1. Create an IFTTT account if you don’t already have one. You can do so here:
  2. Activate the Email channel with your gmail account
  3. Create an IFTTT recipe at, or use one of the recipes we’ve created at
    • Click here for detailed instructions on how to create an Evernote recipe on IFTTT
    • Click here for detailed instructions on how to create a Wemo recipe on IFTTT
  4. Once the IFTTT email channel has been activated and you’ve set up a recipe to use with LIFTTT,  open the LIFTTT App and click the LIFTTT icon
    LIFTTT android connect
  5. Select the Gmail account you want to connect to LIFTTT
    LIFTTT android gmail account
  6. Now let’s create a LIFTTT Location Trigger that will trigger the IFTTT recipe you created in step 3.
  7. On the Triggers screen click ‘+’ to create a new trigger
    LIFTTT add new trigger
  8. Long press anywhere on the map to set up where you want your LIFTTT to trigger
  9. Once you’ve set a pin at your preferred trigger location click the callout arrow to continue
    LIFTTT map callout
  10. Set the Trigger title (the title is just for your own reference in LIFTTT and is not connected to your IFTTT recipe)
    LIFTTT trigger title
  11. Set the subject to match what has been set in your IFTTT recipe
    LIFTTT trigger evernote subject
  12. Set the body text – this will be the body content of your Evernote
    LIFTTT evernote body
  13. Trigger Action when…
    LIFTTT trigger arrive
  14. Set an Arrive / Depart Trigger Distance
    LIFTTT trigger distance
  15. Choose a Trigger Delay – this option is only available when the Trigger Action is set to ‘Arrive’
    LIFTTT trigger delay
  16. Set the Trigger Gap
    LIFTTT trigger time gap
  17. Customize Active Time Periods
    LIFTTT trigger time periods
  18. Select Active Days
    LIFTTT trigger days LIFTTT trigger days select
  19. Customize Notifications
    LIFTTT notifications
  20. Save to complete!
    LIFTTT trigger save
  21. You will receive a notification to let you know whenever your IFTTT recipe has been triggered by LIFTTT whenever you arrive / depart from your saved location :)

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