Integrate Google Calendar Recipe into LIFTTT – Android

Qs. How to set up LIFTTT Trigger for Google Calendar recipes

  1. Go to and click ‘Use Recipe’. Make sure you have both Email + Google Calendar channels activated.
    IFTTT email to calendar recipe
  2. Open the LIFTTT App and click the LIFTTT icon
    LIFTTT Android home
  3. On the Triggers screen click ‘+’ to create a new trigger
    LIFTTT Android create new trigger
  4. Long press anywhere on the map to set up where you want your LIFTTT to trigger
    LIFTTT android map choose location
  5. Once you’ve set a pin at your preferred trigger location click the callout arrow to continue
    LIFTTT android set location on map
  6. Create your LIFTTT trigger based on the IFTTT recipe
    • Set the Trigger title (this is just for your own reference in LIFTTT)
      LIFTTT android google calendar trigger title
    • Set the Subject to include #cal and the title of the calendar. To set the calendar event to be created at the time of the location trigger just set the title of the calendar event e.g ‘#cal Arrived at work’ will create an event in your calendar titled ‘Arrived at work’ starting at the time the LIFTTT trigger is triggered
      LIFTTT android trigger subject
    • Set the Email body if you wish – this text will be added to the title of the calendar event
      LIFTTT android trigger email body
    • Complete the rest of the Trigger creation form and click Save! For detailed information on the different form options see instructions here

For additional information on creating and customizing Google Calendar Quick Add Events see

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