Creating an Evernote Recipe on IFTTT

Qs. How to create an Evernote recipe?

  1. Make sure you have activated the IFTTT Email channel using the gmail address connected to LIFTTT and activated the Evernote channel at
    IFTTT Evernote channel
  2. Create a new Recipe
  3. Choose Email as your Trigger Channel
    IFTTT Email Channel
  4. Select ‘Send IFTTT an email tagged’ as a way to initiate the trigger being fired
    IFTTT Email - choose trigger
  5. Set the tag that will cause this recipe to trigger e.g #lifttt so any email sent from your gmail to with #lifttt in the subject line will trigger this recipe.
    IFTTT email trigger label
  6. Click ‘Create Trigger’
  7. Select Evernote as ‘that’
    IFTTT - that IFTTT evernote
  8. Choose what action you want to happen when this recipe triggers e.g ‘Create a note’ Evernote IFTTT action
  9. Set the Evernote fields
    IFTTT trigger evernote fields
  10. Create and Activate your new Recipe. Click to see how to integrate this recipe with LIFTTT on iOS or Android

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