LIFTTT – Adding Location Awesome-ness to IFTTT Recipes

Introducing LIFTTT = Location + IFTTT; adding the power of contextual location to the IFTTT.

Using LIFTTT (available now on iOS + Android) you can schedule IFTTT recipes to trigger when you

  • ¬†arrive at home
  • ¬†leave the office
  • any other place you choose

Some of our favourites recipes to trigger with LIFTTT are

  • Trigger my Belkin Wemo to turn on the lights when I get home in the evening / off when I leave
  • Log to Google Calendar when I arrive at the office
  • Send me an email reminder when I get home to remember to give my wife a kiss + tell her I love her :)

The list of possibilities is endless!

We’ve included incredible customisations to let you control how and when location triggers occur e.g.

  • only trigger when arriving or departing
  • set the distance for the location to trigger at
  • only trigger on specific days
  • only trigger during set hours

and more!

So come try out the app – LIFTTT is free to download!

LIFTT - Visual Candy Systems

Get LIFTTT on Google Play

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