Uber Checkin review from aboutfoursquare.com

We are pleased to announce that aboutfoursquare.com has just reviewed our app, “Uber Checkin” for the iOS platform & iPhone

According to aboutfoursquare.com “It is the first automated check-in app for iOS that I have tried that actually works as advertised without absolutely killing your battery. It is also available for Android.” Check out the rest of the review here: http://aboutfoursquare.com/an-automatic-check-in-app-for-ios-that-actually-works/

It was really good to read the nice things aboutfoursquare.com have said about our app and it is always very rewarding to hear that our efforts have been appreciated.

Uber Checkin is free to download and is available for download from iTunes and the Google Play Store

Uber Check-In, foursquare, auto checkin for iOSUber Check-In, foursquare, auto checkin for Google Play

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