Uber Checkin app for Android

We are pleased to announce the release of Uber Checkin for the Android.

Get Uber Check-in on Google Play

Uber Checkin for Android offers you the same great Foursquare auto check-in functionality for Android devices.

Some of the great things that the Uber Checkin app can do for you are:

  • Auto checkin to your favorite places on Foursquare without having to take out your phone. Avoid checkin fatigue!
  • Avoid false positive checkins! Customize your auto checkin proximity distance to suit your needs.
  • Uber Checkin will notify you when you have become mayor of a foursquare venue, when you are “Almost Mayor” as well as providing your Mayorships total!
  • We have worked painstakingly hard to have Uber Checkin conserve your battery life.
As always, if you have any comments or feedback, we would appreciate you contacting us directly *first* before posting a negative review.

Get Uber Check-in on Google Play

All the best,
The Android team
Visual Candy Apps

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