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Our newest app, UberMarathon…


We’d like to first take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and their kind words for the apps we have built thus far.  It has been a remarkable journey for us, and we love to both build and use our apps as much as our users do…all the apps we build are used by us personally on a daily basis.

The first app we ever launched, Uber Checkin is still going strong and still used by many of you who love Foursquare but want a quick, efficient way of doing an auto checkin while still being light on battery.  And these past couple of years have taught us how people are using Uber Checkin, and we thought we would give people a way to use a free version of Uber Checkin for worthy goals and accomplishments.

And with that in mind, today we have launched Uber Marathon.  Uber Marathon is our newest app that allows marathon runners to auto checkin to their marathon mile markers.  Almost 1 year ago, we helped Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare to do this during the Boston Marathon, and since that time we have watched others do the same thing.  Uber Marathon brings the accuracy and light battery usage of Uber Checkin + adds on a number of new features that allows marathon runners to easily add your mile markers, and of course share your mile marker checkins on both Twitter and Foursquare.

We don’t have all the marathons added yet, so if your marathon is not there, send us an email and let’s add them together for everyone to share!

And best of all, Uber Marathon is free to use!  We only ask that you include us in your Foursquare checkin which seems like a fair trade to us.  But if you don’t want to do that, then that’s swell too…just buy us a coffee instead :-)



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