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Location + IFTTT = AWESOME

We are pleased to announce the release of LIFTTT for both iPhone and Android devices.

We like to describe LIFTTT as Location + IFTTT = AWESOME :-)  If you love IFTTT and you love magical things to happen based on your current location, then LIFTTT is the app for you! With LIFTTT, you can add your favorite places and specify what type of IFTTT recipe you would like to trigger while maintaining total control of so many different settings & customization options.


LIFTTT allows you to harness the WHERE of contextual location with the internet glue ability of IFTTT.  By combining Location and IFTTT together, LIFTTT allows you to create cool recipes like turning ON / OFF your Belkin Wemo when you arrive home, add to an Evernote to log when you leave and arrive at the office, or even send yourself an SMS when you are close to home to remind yourself to “Turn OFF and tell your partner you love them and give them a kiss.”

LIFTTT for iPhone and Android

LIFTTT is free to download and you get download it here:
LIFTT - Visual Candy Systems

Get LIFTTT on Google Play