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Uber Mayor – Rich Mayorship Analytics for Foursquare

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest app Uber Mayor — now available for your iPhone! Uber Mayor is the Ultimate tool for would be Foursquare Mayors and provides Rich Mayorship Analytics at your fingertips!

Uber Mayor - Visual Candy Systems

With Uber Mayor you can:

  • Search nearby foursquare venues and get detailed foursquare analytics including the current Mayor and their Mayorship strength
  • Analyze your own Mayorships and see the venues in which your mayorship hold is strong or weak
  • Get detailed information of the Mayor of a venue including:
      • How much of a foursquare player they are and how often they check in
      • Other venues that they are Mayor of
      • Add them as a friend
And much much more! Checkout the Uber Mayor page for more information!

And of course Uber Mayor is free and available worldwide!