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Uber Checkin update for Android


We are proud to announce the release of an update for Uber Checkin for Android.

This update contains the following features / enhancements:

  • Battery life improvements ***MAJOR***
  • New Rapid Fire Snooze functionality: when Foursquare warns you that you have too many checkins, Uber Checkin will now automatically snooze checkins for a pre-determined period of time (default is 1 hour). This snooze interval is customizable in settings. After the snooze time has elapsed, Uber Checkin will automically start auto checkins for Foursquare again
  • New functionality on the mayorships screen: you can now add venues via the Mayorships screen
We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements; if you haven’t tried our app Uber Checkin (auto checkin for Foursquare) yet, you can find it here:

Get Uber Check-in on Google Play

Kind regards,

The Uber Check-in team